Small Bands, Big Dreams.

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Whitehill Grove, a Scottish band from Edinburgh. They started off as four friends; Callum, Danny, Ethan and Seth, starting a band in school. Now they’re playing gigs across Scotland, from Aberdeen to Ayr, Edinburgh to Stirling. They aren’t, however, your typical ‘boy band’. Having been compared to Fatherson and The Kooks, they are taking an alternative route into the music industry.

A new music revolution of the decade sees less stereotypical bands making it into the charts nowadays. Such as LĖON, ALMA, Martin Jensen and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man are all placing high in the charts and are far from sounding the same as Drake, Calvin Harris or Ed Sheeran, who are likely to be expected to consume the whole charts (which they essentially are, however, not all of it).

As Callum Fergusson, lead singer of Whitehill Grove says: “If we were a generic pop band it wouldn’t necessarily be easier to achieve success, however, I think there are much more opportunities for pop bands

“The pop industry is quite a commercialised scene and the songs are often prewritten so it wouldn’t be a genuine experience”. Time and time again we are seeing this being shown. Taylor Swift amongst others has been criticised for changing their music in order to appeal to the masses and make the most money instead of keeping to the kind of music that made them famous in the first place.

Regardless of only being a full band for a year and a half, this has not stopped Whitehill Grove from playing across the country. They have played at King Tut’s wah wah Hut in Glasgow. A venue where the likes of Coldplay, Biffy Clyro and Travis have all played early on in their careers. In Aberdeen, at The Vulture Lounge and at Daytripper music festival, alongside Idlewild. Another Edinburgh band who formed in 1995, both bands play a similar genre – Indie/alternative rock.

It looks that as they band begin playing bigger and further afield across Scotland that their music and genre are growing, there could be the possibility of success along the road. I can’t particularly say I’m disappointed, maybe a change from the generic pop scene will do us all some good.


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