News Reporting Portfolio:

Below is a sample of some of my portfolio work. 


The Scottish Government are hosting the Year of Young People (YoYP) in 2018. This will 

give Scotland’s young people an active role in their future nation by holding events across the country.
After the success in 2014 of the Year of Homecoming, events will be run that concern issues surrounding the chosen six themes which are culture, education, enterprise and regeneration, equality and discrimination, health and wellbeing and participation. Within the next month young people will be interviewed here, in Edinburgh and 200 will selected from all over Scotland to be ambassadors to hold events showing the capabilities of Scotland’s youth.

Emmie Main, a student at the University of Edinburgh is part of the Communic18 team managing the events, ambassadors and finances says: “I can see the year as an opportunity to showcase the talents and skills of our young people and give us the opportunity to have meaningful conversations about the issues that affect us.

“Young people have been at the heart of every aspect of the year and will continue to be all the way until the end, the aims and themes came from the ideas of young people from all over Scotland”. The issues come from young people who know what matters.

After two years of planning by the Communic18 team, The Scottish Government’s plans are well underway and coming together for the Year of Young People.

Scottish band, Whitehill Grove face the 21st century music revolution. The band’s lead singer shares the challenges they face in the industry.

Regardless of a bands success it’s always difficult to be successful. Callum Fergusson, lead singer says: “We have plans to move on as a band but we just need that one lucky breakthrough”.

Having played gigs in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and last week in Ayr as well as playing alongside Idlewild, it seems promising for them.

The UWS Ayr campus held a charity ball in aid of Papyrus, a young people suicide prevention charity, after the death of one student living in the University accommodation.

Brodie Eaton, who the ball is commemorating, died in November 2016 after committing suicide.

The ball saw all the students in formal attire, there was music from HUSH and Amiee Moore even had her head shaved. Having raised £1700 they money is going to help young people in need.

17522265_1283181328441463_577754651_o(Above pictured left to right, Marie Herrendörfer, Kenisha van Keulen and Julia Tirrkonen. All students at the University of West of Scotland after the race).

The Craufurdland Castle and Estate hosted the annual charity mud run. Contestants took part in five and 10 kilometres to go the distance to raise money for a number of local Ayrshire charities.

One of the charities, ‘Break the Silence’ works with adults who have faced childhood sexual abuse and rape, based across Ayrshire.

The run took place in the scenic estate and surrounding area, with an all natural terrain course, participants are forced through fields, streams, forest and ditches full of mud.

The total raised is yet to be confirmed however a high turnout points to a high turnover.


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