2016 In Review: My Way

So I did this last year and I quite liked how it turned out. So here is to another year of great songs and hope you enjoy. 

So Good – Louisa Johnson

Well since going to university I can relate to this song a lot.

Shout Out to My Ex – Little Mix

Its kind of obvious from the title…

Calafornia Dreaming – The Mamas & The Papas

Country throwback, what else do you expect?

The Cave – Mumford & Sons

I think this is like our first year anthem, as it was played the whole way through  freshers on ukulele.

This Town – Niall Horan

When your favourite member of 1D realeases a solo single it has to go into your anthems of the year.

Perfect Ruin – Far Young

This is like the perfect ballad to sing when you’re sad or feeling dramatic (me 24/7).

Solo Dance – Martin Jensen 

Empowerment song of the year.

Theif – Alexander James

This is empowering and makes you feel like a badass who can take over the world.

Drug Dealer – Mackelmore 

Number one shower anthem for sure.

Far Cry – Jack Garrett 

I loved him before T in the park and then I saw him at T and loved him even more, then this song came out and I think I have felt all the love that I can feel towards someone musically.

Teenagers – My Chemical Romance

I’m judging me too.

Final Song – MO 

Summer song best known for being on full blast while driving around scottish country side.

My Church – Maren Morris

Its not a churchy song before you say anything, however it is a country song so sorry for that.

Don’t you give up on me – Lissie

Country undertones but give a listen anyway.

Glitter and Gold – Barns Courtney 

Country rock, what else is there to say? PS I love Barns Courtney!

Emoticons – The Wombats

I rediscovered The Wombats and it was the best thing ever.

Better Days – Passport to Stokholm 

Reminded me that even on the worst days there’s going to be better days. (ie song that got me through UCAS rejections).

Runaway – Whitehill Grove

Surprisingly good workout song. But not surprisingly good song.

Marco Polo – China Lane

It has the same name as my car, and its a cute song.

Letters to Ghosts – Lucie Silvas 

Why not end with some country as well?



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