2016: the good bits

So it hasn’t been the best of years. And maybe the UK ignored the whole ‘safety in numbers’ mantra. And perhaps America voted the love child of Adolf Hitler and a Tangerine as their next president. But let’s just for the next however long it takes you to read this we ignore the issue of terrorism, racism, homophobia, sexism and the REALLY LONG list of greats that we lost this year. And we focus on the good bits. The highlights and achievements of the world this year. Trust me there are some good things; I promise you there is, just read. I also asked some of my friends and family what was good about their 2016 and the answers from them were, as always, great.

So enjoy my last post of the year and here’s to a jolly and merry Hogmanay and New Year.

(AKA, let’s get really drunk and forget how awful this year has been).

Tim Peak became the first British astronaut in space. Talk about life goals, the man went into space, did a bunch of spacey stuff and then gave none other than Adele a Brit Award, FROM SPACE. If that’s not the coolest thing that has ever been done, ever. Then who knows what is?

“Something good that has happened to me this year is seeing my children be happy in what they are doing with their lives and seeing my uncle Toto and my Dad come through cancer battles to be stronger people”.

Lisa, Alford.

The Harry Potter fandom was reborn. JK Rowling gave us ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’, the next story in the Harry Potter series, and it then got even better when we realised that ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ was being made into a movie, then she told us it was to be a five-part series. THEN there was the whole Ilvemorny thing on Pottermore and the patronus and the wand quiz where you can find to which house you belong to etc. You what? You haven’t signed up to Pottermore?! GO GO, go now, I give you permission to leave here and do so. (#teamravenclawpukwudgieredsquirrel).

Wait….. You what? You haven’t signed up to Pottermore?! GO GO, go now, I give you permission to leave here and do so. (#teamravenclawpukwudgieredsquirrel).

“We got our cat, Pippa back at the start of the year!”

Belinda, Aberdeen.

‘Damn Daniel’ not only went viral and got over 45 million hits on social media; he then went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and then got a life time supply of vans. Now that’s not the part of the story I’m talking about, but the fact he donated all the vans to a Children’s Hospital in their home state of California. Hence showing that the youth aren’t completely at a loss. We are the future and all that jazz.

“My son starting secondary school was rather special and my man had good news about his cancer, I GOT MARRIED. And we got our caravan for family fun!”

Louise, Alford.

The Olympics was one of the best yet, on a person level it was a successful achievement for my country and every other country that took part, there was even a team that was representing refugees from across the world.

“My best friend started her own events planning business and today was her first wedding that she has planned. That was a really big deal and I’m so pleased for her! My Granny has been a lot happier which has made me happier when I speak to her. We found out we are expecting a healthy baby boy. After all that happened to us. And I have high hopes for 2017”

Emma, Katy Texas.

Coca-Cola continued their clean water campaign in Africa, now setting the target to have 4 million people with clean water. A good example of corporate businesses taking better care of the planet and the people living on it.

 “I graduated from high school and got into university and I can now study what I love. I moved to Scotland and live there which is a great and unique adventure. I visited Finland this summer and it was truly magical”.

Eszter, Hungary.

When David Cameron resigned (circumstances do not need to be discussed) Teresa May took over, meaning the second female Prime Minister is in power in British history. hopefully she’ll do a better job than the last one, but let’s be honest, she can’t do worse. Scotland continues to have a female First Minister, and Hillary Clinton made it to be the democratic representative in the USA presidential elections. We have continued to see Michelle Obama be as kick-ass as ever throughout the year. Her Let girls Learn campaign was introduced to get more girls into education. But pretty sure you got that from the name.

Moving out of my mum and dads house to move to Edinburgh for University was exciting. To start doing something that I enjoyed and meeting new people”.

Emma, Edinburgh.

More pupils in Scotland got into university this year than ever before, after getting exam results (hmm maybe this CFE isn’t as bad as we first thought).

“I got to stay in bed the whole time. And remained just as cute and fluffy as ever. I got to see all my humans enjoy the year and got plenty new toys to destroy and treats to bury. I remained just as, if not more mischievous and I didn’t have to worry about a single thing because I’m a dog and I don’t care”.

Bindi, the dog bed.

When Politician Vicky Foxcroft stood up in parliament to let voice to her ordeal at losing her five-day old child it brought about many new measures by the British Government to reduce still-births and infant deaths. Someone talking up about their experiences brought attention to key issues all throughout the year. Amongst all the awful events that happened this year, amongst all the terrorist attacks in Berlin, in Nice, in Orlando. Events like this have had people come together, although lives have been lost, but in some way it has brought humanity closer together.


2016 for all its downfalls was probably one of the worst for a while but I hope that 2017 is as full of hope and prosperity as it can be, more than ever and at least if it’s been an awful year for you, it’s a new year in less than 24 hours so let’s get it right then.





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