My best books of 2016

Although this year hasn’t been – globally – super fabulous; it’s pretty much the definition of, well, couldn’t have be worse. However there has been plenty of books to get us through and I’m about to share some of them with you, so enjoy.

PS. There are no spoilers hence forth, everything I say from here on in, is either on the blurb or the first page, just so you know.

Finding Audrey – Sophie Kinsella

This was hilarious. I think if you have had any experience with the Daily Mail first off, then you will understand most of the jokes and hilarity. As well as the underlying theme of the dealing with anxiety and bullying. The unique idea to incorporate a film script into the book when Audrey’s therapist suggests she make a film of her family and cope with her social anxiety also makes it a great read. Similarly it shows the tedious lengths of mental illness and becoming ‘better’. Allowing a deeper understanding for readers as a whole.

I was here – Gail Forman

This is about a girl (Cody) whose friend kills herself (please refer to earlier note about how this isnt’t a spoiler). Those who have been left behind by someone who has committed suicide or have been on the other end- having witnessed someone suffering with mental illness, will really be able to understand and relate to the emotions and experiences displayed by Cody and the others left behind by Meg’s death.An effective story to address the loneliness and guilt that Cody feels in the aftermath of her friend’s death. It’s almost a murder mystery as Cody attempts to get to the bottom of her suicide, and driving herself to her own limits you are drawn into the dark atmosphere of the story, yet you continue to read in order to reach the happy ending.

Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon

Being allergic to the outside world can be difficult. But it becomes even worse for our main character, Madeline when a dark and mysterious stranger moves in next door, neither of them are happy with their lives and decide to take matters into their own hands. Risking life and limb to be together.  The story was unique and lovable, you couldn’t help become obsessed in finishing the book.
Also being made into a movie *squels loudly*

Mosquitoland – David Arnold

When Mary Isobel Malone (Mim as she is known) is forced to move away from her family home, and move in with her dad and new step mum and move to a new school, away from everything she ever loved. She decides that she no longer belongs here and runs away across the country to get back to her mum. Mosquitoland is the adventure of Mims journey back to herself, what she knows and who she is. Her excursion from the wastelands back to Ohio is not void of outlandish adventure or unseen twists and turns that cause trouble. But the characters Mim meets and the more you get to know her, makes you want to get her there. You are taken into her world and enjoy the journey alongside Mim that I cannot recommend higher. a deep insight into what she is thinking and feeling means the reader becomes fully emerged in the tales Mim jouney.

The door that lead to where – Sally Gardener

If you are interested in history this one is for you. And if you’re interested in time travel you will be even more interested. Although this took me a week or two to get into, once I did it took me three days to finish. AJ just finished school and well got mostly shit results, but then he manages to get a job working in a law firm, when he comes across a key with his name on it. Having grown up in East London with his beast of a mum, and his Dad having run off before he was out of the cot, he goes the through the door and finds himself in Victorian England, on this side of the door he must figure out the mystery of his family and choose to which age he belongs.

We were liars – E. Lockheart

Okay so you will want to hate these characters because they are on the most part rich and snobby. But then it can’t be helped can it? They just grow into it. The book acts like a ticket into rich snobbery, becoming immersed in this mind twisting tale of tragedy and heartbreak. When the liars end up on their family’s holiday island for potentially the last time they want to stop the fighting and arguing to stop, the material wealth to disappear. But maybe they took it too far because like Lockheart says, you won’t know what truth and what’s lies. Definite life lessons here.

What’s a girl gotta do? – Holly Bourne

FEMINISM CENTRAL! HOLLY BOURNE IS THE QUEEN OF IT. Ahem. And composing ourselves. I could do pages and pages of reviews for this series, but I shan’t; just a quick overview and to tell you that it’s the final book in the ‘spinster club series’. So basically Lottie is a crazy feminist, borderline not the good kind and she decides that enough is enough. And thus the Vigilante Project was born. A feminist movement that Lottie will present to the masses. I don’t really know how to condense this down into a manageable reading amount, however let us read them all and I promise you too will want to stand up and be part of it as well. BTW they call it the spinster club because they want to change the meaning and make it more positive so just go ahead. Am I normal yet? And How hard can love be? Are the other books in the series.


I do hope an insight into my most favourite book of the year have given you potential reading material for the new year, and as always,

Happy reading.



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