Wanders Fellowship

‘Happy places’; are a place where we feel safe, metaphorically warm, sometimes actually warm, somewhere where we can be by ourselves and know that we can ignore the world. Simply just know that we are protected by fond memories and a sense of peace that comes from these places.

The Wonders Fellowship is a project that takes people from all walks of life and allows them to share their happy place, & why is it so important to them. Where they feel their best. Whether it be a natural spectacle or a person with whom they love dearly. The place they know they can find themselves. I have called upon my friends and family, as I do for most things like this, to share their happy places in a series of posts.

My car. It gives me freedom and own space so that I don’t need my parents to take me somewhere and there I can listen to the music I prefer. Every now and then it is also a little dangerous to drive, so you can live all the feelings in it.



Now this may seem like a really silly, unusual place to class as the place where I’m happiest. Why a kitchen table? People get new tables all the time, they can move, never in the same place. But that’s the thing I’ve had many different homes and places I’ve lived but only one kitchen table. As my family and I have busy lives there’s only one place I’m guaranteed to have quality conversations and everyday memories; is round the kitchen table. It’s my place where we talk and socialise share a meal with friends and family. Catch up on daily news. Its where all the important things are told it’s where I find out about people and their lives and I love sharing time with other people. As well as food is always a bonus.



My happy place is very specific. It’s all the little streets in Bruges that you can walk through at night. You see so few people but when you do, they’re all happy and friendly, and you see pride flags everywhere. Where I’m from, families, including my own, haven’t always been accepting of who I am. But in Bruges nobody cares. There was so much warmth and peacefulness. I could go for runs in parks alone and I didn’t have to worry about who was around the corner, and I could flirt with the florist I met, and I could be myself with strangers. Unafraid to be honest about my sexuality. Not by shouting it out loud or wearing rainbows on me, but by just being myself around everyone. Not having to worry about if he might be offended, or she might disagree with my ‘alternative lifestyle’. I felt love in Bruges. The purist and most honest I have felt from a city. And that’s why I love it.



I feel at home here, the beach just makes me happy, I can look out to sea and know that all my troubles and worries are washed away with the waves. Everything is so calm, but you still know that the sea is a menacing place. But you look at it, while the sun glistens and you look out knowing that there are endless possibilities to which you are capable. It gives hope and knowledge that even though things may not always seem great at this moment, they are always going to pick up.



These are some of the happy places that people have shared with me, there are more to come so stay tuned.



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