National days at their best.

As with many of these national so and so days they seem pointless and without worth. Today is actually national taco day and national golf lover’s day. But best of all, its national VODKA day. Yaaaass.

And so it got me wondering what perks does alcohol have for us?

And so here without further ado we will address what has come of us and the vod (and alcohol in general).

  • As a student, alcohol is obviously something that needs a whole allowance in itself. And even though you may think that it can drive you to bankruptcy it can actually help to budget. So when I decide that I want to drink it means that I have to take into consideration what costs are going to suffer. Ie clothes….or food… or rent… and so we then  must look to make sure that it can all happen. Together and in perfect harmony. And to be honest alcohol is probably going to win anyway.

See? Logic.

  • You can make friends. I know that when I first arrived at university, I was obviously a bit worried at making friends; eventually I made a few and so when we went out and got drunk it was so much easier to make more friends. I’ve made heaps now, and was I worried or anxious? Hell to the no. Most likely because I was so hyped off the probably too high content of alcohol pulsing through my veins, but that’s beside the point. For example; take every time – mostly if you’re a girl – that you have gone to the toilet drunk and you just have the greatest chats about nothing with a girl whose name you’ll never remember. And you’ve probably forgotten her face too, but still. They were a lovely person, who’s outfit was killer.Basically making friends is easier when drunk.


  • Making executive and informed decisions. Being drunk makes it so much easier to make decisions. You could be deliberating a decision for hours, days, weeks, months even. BUT. As soon as you get the vod down yah, you’re good to go. And when are you ever going to regret those decision.

I bet never….

  • You are much more likely to be creative when drinking. Because you want to make the best cocktails possible, so really it’s like a workout for your brain. You also have to work out what will and will not go together. For example gin and fanta; are good. Gin and beer; is not… You’re also going to have to do maths (this links back to the first) because you need to work out how you can get absolutely smashed on the littlest amount and for the cheapest possible, it’s not easy but you are willing.


You are willing to be dedicated to the sesh and celebrate this national day. With style.

Pretty much everyday…

*morbid sigh*

Well anyway, here’s to student life and national vodka day. Have a good one.

PS: apologies for the rushness of this post but I have places to be and national days to celebrate ;P




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