Notebook’s final entry.

The things I believe in.

So I just finished my notebook, like that is one full… umm hmm. It’s fuller than me after Christmas dinner. This was my final entry and i’m not too sure why, the most likely reason is procrastination that i am putting it up on the blog.

Stop. Just. Stop.

On with the show, without further ado and in no particular order.


  • That regardless of grades you can achieve anything. Jess that’s for you xx
  • That there is someone out there for everyone. And after every heartbreak you are one closer to finding the one. #Wizardsofwaverlyplacelogic
  • War never has nor ever will solve a single thing.
  • From your bad experiences you can help others. If you are reading this then you know what I’m on about.
  • If there was a god there wouldn’t be suffering like there is. But then we need to know pain to know joy, so I have no clue, ughh what do I know I’m 18. FML
  • That nobody should live their current life for the next.
  • LOVE IS LOVE. End of.
  • That keeping a notebook is a wonderful thing.
  • The pen is mightier than the sword.
  • We are all human and should start acting like it.
  • Donald Trump is the worst person to have ever lived. Except for maybe those who believe what he says is true.
  • Everything happens for a reason.

Well perhaps the last post before university, somewhere where I will hopefully become a real journalist, instead of the wannabe I currently am.

PS I cut out a lot of swear words that remain in the paper copy, (since we like to keep it PG here, LOL JK) but good luck finding it in my notebook cause I just finished writing it and can’t even find it again. And they say keeping one keeps you organised.

I think I will finish cause it’s late and this could end badly.


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