Spot the difference?

Why have we failed to learn?

Mistakes are made so we can do that.

So we can learn from them.

Yet we continue, on and on, and on some more to not learn anything that will actually be of any use to us in the future, which will help our children to help their own. Millions of lives have been destroyed by war. Whole countries blown to pieces whilst their people have no choice but to watch on, in crowed underground bunkers, clutching whoever is near, as unfamiliar noises surround their only shelter, as families are mercilessly torn apart, their livelihoods disappear, chances of education begin to diminish as the only worthy cause becomes winning a war that no win can constitute the impending loss.

But this is the past and as we move towards today what has come from those darkening days in World History?

So why now, when we fast forward to the 21st century, to modern day society, is our world at more of a loss than ever before? We are running away from problems. We would rather leave other countries to struggle in battle, of which, most have not caused. One which has be influenced by the rest of the world. We are seeing a repeat today in Syria of what happened during wars of the 20th century. Children who have known nothing but war in their country, living a life of constant fear that they don’t know what is going to happen from one day to the next. How long until they become an orphan or loose brothers, sisters. How long it will be until they become the only one left of a family that goes back hundreds of generations. A lost child wrapped in cloth, sent to join all the other faceless people torn down by a war forced upon them by those too cowardly to fight.

Photos circulating of a young boy being pulled from wreckage in the middle of the night as continues air strikes have stopped those around him going to work, from going to school, going out. We ponder that even after all this time, we haven’t learned anything?

We continue to abandon those who need the most help, not even just in this scenario. Every day, people are committing suicide because the rest of the world has given up on them, girls living in fear that they are going to become pregnant before their body can fully function in order to do that. Young boys too scared to be themselves in case they are branded as ‘gay’ or ‘girly’. People and especially woman afraid to go anywhere alone in case they are attacked, too afraid to speak up in times of inequality at work and in education, elderly people becoming depressed in solitude because their family sees them as a burden, they are just waiting to die, because they know that this is just how it is and they have to accept it.

Why must they? Why are people constantly being forced in to situations that they can’t get themselves out of? Why is more not being done to help the people who are risking their own lives and their family’s lives to cross oceans in the hope to reach land where they can make the most of their lives? To only be rejected and thrown back to the fighting and conflict. Why are we not ensuring that people stuck in Syria receive vital aid?

There is this constant fear of the unknown that is being combated by war. We witness time and time again how it has never worked. War doesn’t solve problems it ruins lives.

Try and think of a battle or war that one single fatality was worth the win. If you are able to; think about that person’s family, think about how their lives has been wasted. Nobody is going to thank them. They just become one of the many people that have lost their lives to fighting yet another pointless war.

Coming together will prove much more efficient. In World War I when on Christmas day of 1914 there was a truce made, it proved so much more successful than all the fighting the day before and the day after.

I mean nothing was actually achieved in that day.

However, was there really anything gained in all the history of humankind fighting?

Is that even a rhetorical question…..?


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