Things that are absolutely vital in order to survive a festival:

In light of recently being at a festival, it had occurred to me things that I wish I had taken or thought came in especially helpful. I thought I would just jot them down, to make sure you too live your festival experience to the best of your abilities.

  • Wellies: to think anything else is acceptable to use as footwear is a disaster in the making. Having worn pumps on the first night it was quickly learned by myself and Jenna that it’s simply foolish. Mud… mud and more mud will haunt you. Wellies are the only way forward.
  • Baby wipes/tissues/hand sanitiser: pretty self-explanatory however mud needs to be wiped off somehow because you do not want that in your sleeping bag. Take plenty because others will have forgotten so you may need to share. And there won’t always be toilet roll and once you break the seal, well you’re scuppered. Water doesn’t always work at toilets so hand sanitiser is a necessity.
  • Paracetamol: sore heads can ruin a whole day. Do not be fooled, despite popular belief this cannot be combatted by more alcohol.
  • Eye mask/ear plugs: you will look like a fool, yes. Yet when you get a good nights sleep, with no noisy or bright interruptions, you’ll be raring to go the next day (shout out to Linda who made sure we had these).
  • Spare tent pegs: close proximity between tents and drunk people means falling over tents and if pegs fall out then your tent can fall down and let’s be honest here, that would be essentially the end of the world.
  • Duct tape: if it rains then your tent may leak and so duct tape is vital and can basically fix anything as you will learn because once again, from personal experience, alcohol cannot fix a leaky tent. Especially at 10:30 in the morning….
  • Playing cards: these will come in handy for drinking games, general boredom and most importantly making friends.
  • Water (bottles)/ snacks: hangover and hydration musts as well as drunken munchies.
  • Mixers: these are really expensive at festivals so prepare yourself and just take with you.

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