For the missed opportunities:

Do what you will with luck.

Because life is more than just being lucky.

Luck is believing you’re lucky.

And believing that you can do it, by putting in the work, you are able to achieve greatness. Even if the hard work is met with failure, it’s always going to pay off in the end. When you put in hard work, it will eventually come back to you; it may not always be in the way you expect but trust me, it’ll happen. By that I mean that missing out on one opportunity isn’t a big deal because life will reward you in a different way.

Let’s face it, everything happens for a reason. By believing that means that failure is worth it. Perhaps not worth it. But with failure comes experiences that can be learned from. From experiences come new skills and new ideas and from this you’re going to be in a better position to do well in regards to the next opportunity.

By failing, newer and likely better opportunities will come along, that will lead you to greatness. And when your time comes, by god will it come, it will happen and you are going to realise that the thing you missed out on or did not get; it won’t matter.

Although dwelling on a missed opportunity is never something you must do. It only hinders the ones that lie ahead. From them, we must learn, but it does not do well to dwell on dreams, Harry (sorry, I saw my opportunity and took it).

Because whilst someone else got that opportunity, there are millions more for you to grasp with everything you have, with everything you are.

That will make you the person that you are bound to become.

As a person has seen many opportunities fall through the grasps of my fingers I have come to see how life has gotten me through in a different way, a way that I’m glad occurred, rather than how it may have first panned out.


PS, profound apologies for the over-use of the word opportunity but what was I suppose to do?



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