A Rather Fitting End

The time has come for me to hang up my blazer, give back all the textbooks and be on my way to a new adventure, I ponder the past six years and what I have become from them.

But as much as I will always be spiteful that I never got head girl, and I will never be able to explain how I failed English… I will always be thankful for when Mr Mackenzie told me I was his success story (yeah that’s right) or when Mrs Rasmusen told me she was happy to have me back in her class or the time Mrs Barclay told me I should join the FBI, a story that was relayed to my mother for the next four years at every parents evening we went to. An ambition put delicately to the side as I soon realised that being clumsy accounted for a large portion of my personality. Having done really quite bad in my highers, spending much of my time trying to make friends and finding it incredibly difficult to hold my tongue when I knew it would only get me in to sticky situations. I was by no means popular and I only have one A (not jinxing it but i haven’t had through my final results so hey ho). I’ve had plenty of run-ins with my peers and been through quite an ordeal with some friends. But there isn’t one thing I would change.

We see here that against all odds I made it through, as did everyone else. I mean as it stands nobody has done anything crazy stupid and died because of it, or gotten pregnant, or ended up in jail…. Yet….

Moving swiftly on.

All the memories that remain in the old school building and the ones made in the new school, will remain for a long time to come and if in some crazy mystical ‘Harry Potter’ world that the walls could speak, well bloody hell we would all be screwed first off. However there would also be some unforgettable moments that had somehow been forgotten along the way, most likely with cheap wine and warm beer but Hey! We had fun doing it anyway.

And although I may have made one or two or maybe like 57… million mistakes that you could probably learn from, here’s the basic stuff.  For example:

  • Study more (ie don’t cram it all in at the last minute)
  • Don’t get side tracked by relationships
  • Be a part of school, trust me it’ll pay off, like join committees and stuff like that
  • If your friends make you feel like blueberries that are three days out of date and a bit wilted and there’s a couple mouldy ones, then perhaps you should find some new ones (friends not blueberries)
  • Don’t judge others who are different from you
  • And don’t be the shit that always annoys the teacher

BTW I am not responsible for doing all of the things above, it’s just some friendly advice from one (kinda) kid to another.

I realise that this is now 600 words but it’s not just anything you see, because even though my school went about it in undoubtedly the shittiest way possible, they taught me to never give up despite the downfalls you face, I still believe everything happens for a reason and I think if I’ve made it through all the tough times and know that I will still miss every little thing about that wee place in the middle of now where, then maybe you can too kiddo.

And don’t worry Frances I’ll try to ‘sparkle’, just for you.


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