The most original post ever.

So you guessed right.

It’s a book review, yet it’s not on a singular book, rather on a series.

Yes, it’s fantasy and it includes two worlds, one with magic and one without but alas it is not Harry Potter. As that would be utterly pointless, mainly because I would be about eight years too late for me to gush and praise its existence. I also never had Myspace in the noughties so I have no legitimate right to make this blog HP orientated.

Okay so now we are past the lame introduction we can move on and you can actually know what it is I am about to talk about:

‘The Unfortunate Fairy tale Series’.

And now you want to know what it’s about, so I shall inform you of such information.

There’s this girl called Mina, in the present day, and it turns out she’s descended from the Grimm Brothers (the ones who wrote all the fairy tales). Who happened to cross over into the Fae (Fae = fairy tale) world and that’s where all the fairy tales have come from. Oh a crucial part is that they were then cursed and so bit o’ banter, this was also passed down through the generations and the curse chases each descendant until they are killed… yea its cheerier than that I promise. But Mina’s mum has tried to protect her from the curse by moving around a lot. However, obviously the curse catches up and Mina has to fight the different fairy tales that try and kill her, trapping them in a special magic book that has a name that I can’t spell. The fairy tales themselves are worked in to the books and the characters come to life, its all so intricate and detailed that you have no choice but to become part of the book. Ironic really. You’ll know what i mean if you read it. As the series goes on, it gets super exciting because the Prince of the Fae world comes into the real world and then it all kicks off, there is love, death and war. So really what more do you want, especially when all three are combined at the same time. But basically, just read it, K, like I kid you not.

Y’all are lucky though because I had to wait for each one to come out and they are all out now. But she is now working on something new in the series. It’s like an epilogue I think as the series finished in the last one, anyway just read.

Chandha Hahn is super smart with this series, she honestly draws you in with the character development and themes presented throughout the stories. You are able to carry what is learned from one book to the next and the plots and cleverness of the ideas that adds up and works together throughout the series to come to the end product is something to marvel.

But just as a side note, it may seem like it’s for a younger audience however I did start reading this when I was about 14 or 15 and finished it maybe at the end of last year, so I was almost 18 and still, I continue to be enthralled by the story this whole time. I would say there’s nothing that particularly makes it a young, young (there is supposed to be two young’s) adult book rather than something that could really appeal to anyone. If you were into this particular genre it could attract anyone of any age.

This has been and continues to be one of my favourite series of all time. So if you’re ever in need of something to read, go ahead.

PS you will fall in love with Jared. All I’m going to say.

Oh and PPS I have not given anything away because it’s basically just blurb such stuff.




“The whole world had changed. Only the fairy tales remained the same. And they all lived happily ever after”

-Lois Lowry






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