The tale of a wise yet young ginger.

Opportunity; NOUN (plural opportunities)
A time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something:increased opportunities for export the night drive gave us the opportunity of spotting rhinos

In light of recent events – these recent events being the Young Scot Awards, (YSA) of which The Junior Climate Challenge Fund (JCCF) (a group I have been part of for the last three years) won the Environment Award. I have taken it upon oneself to share with you all how grasping one opportunity can lead to life changing circumstances.

I feel as though I have now become someone I never fully expected to; a crazy, ginger environmentalist, someone who writes articles for fun, is really very opinionated and without doubt, the nosiest person you will come across, I think it’s just the nature of the career however. From my trip to Zambia and Botswana last year (don’t worry I’m not about to go on about it, there’s plenty posts on it already), I have woken up to the reality of the rest of the world and realised that there is so much out there, so much to discover and all the new cultures that anyone, with the right attitude, can embrace and learn.

Having been on the JCCF panel where we advised the government on what we felt to be the best and most promising community projects that should receive funding – those of which ensured a reduction in CO2 emissions. We often question what the government, more specifically the environment ministers were thinking when they decided to present the responsibility to such young people but it payed off in the end. Allowing the varied view of young people from across Scotland, as a wide range of people, coming from all walks of life, each offering something different to the group. We have now been rewarded for our achievements with our YSA and that is something that right up until the moment the Scottish Gas lady opened the envelope and read out our name we did not believe was a reality and continue struggling to comprehend it all.

As you may have gathered by now, so many amazing things have happened to me in the past few years and I have to thank that 12-year-old Hannah, for really not caring what other people thought. For doing what made me happy. For taking the opportunities when they were presented to me.

What I am attempting and have hopefully not failed to do; is demonstrate how one small opportunity can become something completely massive that you never ever believed to be possible. So many people by doing something small have seen it lead to amazing things. Malala, as a girl living in a society where woman had no place, simply went to school and now she’s a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Isaac Newton sat under a tree and now we have gravity. Martin Luther King decided that he and his whole race deserved equal rights to white people and now he has a whole day dedicated to him as well as being one of the most influential people in history.

I wanted to invest more of an interest in my local surroundings and help conserve it. And now? Well, now, I’m on a train on the way back from Edinburgh because as a member of the JCCF, I am a Young Scot Environment Award winner.



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