The youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow

So we’re all here because you decided that the title was witty and insightful enough for you to click on it. Well my friend you made a good choice.

Another day done and another book read. I honestly took a day to read ‘I am Malala’. It’s really great and I truly, with all my ginger heart recommend it. I’ve done quite a few book reviews lately so I’m not going to one on this book instead I have written what you are about to read so do enjoy.

Also I mean no harm if anybody takes offence at what I’m about to say. I am simply putting across my opinions and if you do not agree, well you know where the ‘x’ button is. Feel free to click at any point.

Just after I finished the book I headed on over to twitter to see what was going on, it wasn’t particularly out of the blue but there were several tweets praising certain celebrities. By that I mean Kim Kardashian and people from Geordie Shore. Which got me pondering why people think that these so-called celebrities are worth looking up to. I mean Kim K is famous because she showed the whole world her naked backside, and now cries when she loses a diamond earing on TV, for the whole world to feel sorry for her – I mean I too would be upset, but I’m not worth $85 million. So suck it up Kim, my net worth is closer to 85 pence.

Gaz Beadle and Charlotte Crosby (From Geordie Shore) are famed for their somewhat entertaining relationship and the fact that they like to mix it up- i.e. they get off with whomever is right there in front of them, to annoy one another. Relationship goals, I would say so.

I mean we can’t completely fault Charlotte for not doing anything except getting drunk and having fights because she’s written not one, but two books. Entitled ME ME ME, I recommend it, a great read if your wish to lower you IQ. And if you enjoyed that; alas, want to know what’s even better; it seems the whole world of reality stars have written a biography. Gaz’s can be yours for less than £2.

I also find it particularly interesting that Charlotte Crosby’s book costs £16.99, whereas Malala’s costs as little as a fiver. Yet what you learn from each also differs highly. You could read hilarious drunken stories and follow her inspirational weight loss story. Or you can hear how Malala campaigned for a girl’s right to be allowed to go to school and how she won national awards for her efforts. How she continued to fight her cause even when it became too dangerous for her to go to school. Even when she received death threats from The Taliban and was eventually shot point blank by men who never received punishment. She still carried on fighting. And so many young people don’t realise what a difference she has made. How many young people or people in general for that matter, would know that she is the youngest person to ever receive a Nobel Peace Prize? At 16 years old, Malala was the youngest person to ever win a Nobel Prize in general. She never wanted fame, she simply wanted change and equality.

Why is it that people who campaign for change and equality, who create a better society, do not see the same attention that those who have done nothing to change or influence the world. This may be a lesser example that people would come to believe appropriate; but with growth of the power of social media I present to you that, good ol’ Gaz has 2.26 million followers, Kim Kardashian (West) has 43.1 million followers. And Malala she has 434 thousand followers. What does this continue to show? The very thing I am trying to tell you. That as a young person of today, we are being influenced by the wrong people.

“Stretch marks are like my biggest fear of life”

Truly inspirational worlds. Do you not want to stand up and fight the injustice of the world now? Because I know what I want to do. I am doing it right now. Using what I do best to show people the truth of the world when they choose to ignore it.

It’s not that I don’t have time for Ms Kardashian; I mean I don’t, but at the same time she has so much power and influence that she could do so much with and make such a big difference. But no need to worry my humble readers, Kim remains living the life whilst we all dream of it (her words not mine). I mean I dream every night to become as big headed, with as big a butt as her, shopping, drinking cocktails, tweeting and Instagraming my little heart out, rather than becoming as  influential in the same way as Malala, campaigning for a child’s right- boys and girls alike- to gain an education in order to escape poverty, create a better life for themselves and their families. But don’t worry we will all carry on dreaming about the wonderfully fulfilling life that I’m sure Kim K has.

But not all is lost. People still look up to those who continue to make a difference. Angelina Jolie for instance. An advocate of girl’s and woman’s rights as well as human rights. Giving refugees a chance to create a new life. An amazing actress. Her talent has led to immense fame. For which she has used to her advantage in order to encourage to others to follow such a moral stance.

Martin Luther King has his own day. Not a person alive today hasn’t heard of him alongside Gandhi. I mean that’s unless you’re one of those South American tribes that haven’t made outside world contact yet… lucky really.

There are those people who continue to shine through these barriers. Malala the beginning of this all; continues to carry on through the fear, through the death.

“They thought that the bullets would silence us. But they failed. And then, out of that silence came thousands of voices. The terrorists thought that they would change our aims and stop our ambitions, but nothing changed in my life except this: weakness, fear, and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was born”

“There is a moment where you have to choose to stay silent or to stand up”

Now take theses inspirational words, shut them safe in your hearts, lock it closed, bury it deep in your mind, if ever your heart breaks and they slip out. For we are the youth of today. And by everyone keeping these words close by, we rule out a need to ever have to use them.

And that is how we become the unstoppable force of tomorrow, where we can fight for what is right. For equality, for justice, for what matters.



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