I may be ginger but my soul still hurts: book review 2.

So here we go again, another set of words on many pages, all mashed together in a certain order that make up a book.

‘Extraordinary Means’ by Robyn Schneider, had me go through, well put simply; a lot of different emotions whilst reading this book, for example; happiness, affection, despair, joy, remorse & despondency. In every single order you can imagine….

Yeah it was that good.

Dreary Latham House, a place where the dead mourn the living. A place where those with the newly formed TDR-TB reside, until a cure is found. Newly diagnosed Lane finds himself here instead of studying in his AP classes getting ready to head off to Stanford. He has spent his whole life working for his future, and now he was stuck in this place that was cordoned off from the real world. Fast forward and he meets Sadie and all her friends, this is where it starts to get interesting as they become friends and Lane starts to realise that maybe keeping on the straight road instead of taking the beaten track is as good a way to live, when time is precious, yet unmeasurable. 12765727_1015857651805256_1090168602_o

“A story of second chances”

That’s what Schneider wants us to see, that both Lane and Sadie have become their illness. Yet the book shows how coming to Latham house has also allowed them to step back from the worries and torment of real life and leads them to embrace their second chance, to redefine themselves without TB defining their entire being.

‘Extraordinary Means’ has left me pondering life; its worth and the idea that you don’t know what is going to happen. Just as any of the greats out there it draws you in, wraps you up, all snuggly and warm and then causes your entire life to fall to pieces.

Okay so that’s an exaggeration but it’s beside the point, just read it.

Oh it also made me cry. Just saying.


And if you read this and like it, I the book ‘All the bright places’ is also good. Just as a pre-warning you may be reading and think, hmm this is a little TFIOS, but do not fret my (hopefully) good people, just keep going, you won’t regret it!

And just as a side note, what I find really extraordinary is my inability to eat this orange…. It’s really quite difficult.

And as a final thing, thanks Jenna for giving me this book for my birthday and you too will soon experience the pain, yet joy that will come from this book.

Just as it says “Life goes on until it doesn’t”.

So with that happy reading.



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