Last Post As A Child.



Things that bother me:

  • People being happy when they don’t deserve it.
  • People being unhappy when they don’t deserve.
  • Hitting my elbow off something hard.
  • Not being able to tell someone how you feel because you’re scared of their reaction.
  • Things happening for no apparent reason.
  • Failing.
  • People walking slow in corridors when I can’t overtake.
  • Sloppy movie kisses.
  • People not holding the door open.
  • When you spell something so badly even autocorrect can’t understand it.
  • When my brain can’t understand something, ie maths.


Things that make bothering emotions disperse:

    • Making someone happy or laugh.
    • Hugs and holding someone’s hand.
    • Getting something right.
    • Making people proud.
    • Bargains.
    • Seeing people (who work for it) succeed.
    • Complimenting people.
    • Being scared and doing it anyway.
    • Good food.
    • A good ol’ bitch now and then.
    • Hearing someone say ‘I love you’ (not just to me btw).
    • Good movie kisses.
    • Realising everything happens for a reason.



So here I present to you, some of my dearest thoughts to look back on when I’m an adult to enjoy and take the michie (trol la lol) of myself.

Happy reading and here’s to life.






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