You can run, but how long can you hide?

Let’s be honest I was holding this one off, for everyone’s sake. This could go Pete-Tom, but hey, when did that stop anyone?


So the Earth. That’s a thing. And so is climate change.

One could suggest it was the most challenging issue facing our planet today.

One could counter this argument with poverty, domestic abuse, crime, rape/paedophilia, or terrorism.

However the first one could just as easily come back and say; go ahead fix all these problems and ignore the demise of the planet. Yet when all these problems are fixed where are you going to put them all. Because guess what?

Now. There’s no Earth.

So ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, cats and dogs, giraffes and elephants, matter and anti-matter. Let us band together and save the planet.

 Let’s now look to what has happened. How the world has changed as it’s gotten hotter. And not in a sense where there are luscious curves and brow now on fleek.

Global warming, what is it?

Well sit back with your organic tea and I shall explain;

The Earth has its own greenhouse effect, which means carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and water vapour are trapped around the earth, making it warmer than it would be otherwise. Which is good. This is necessary for everything on earth to survive. This energy is taken from the sun. However it is now the case that this heat, instead of bouncing back into space – the energy is absorbed by the gases and trapped in the atmosphere, which the earth cannot get rid of by itself. The industrialisation of the planet caused by humans has released even more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Hence global warming.

A bit wordy, yes. But at least we’re all on the same page now (I hope).

So everyone knows the ice caps are melting, but do you really?

Take a look at Greenland to begin. Just so you know, it’s the one with lots of snow and ice… well it used to. Now, nobody can be sure if it would happen but there is a possibility that the whole of Greenland could melt. If this were to happen the sea level would rise 21 metres higher than it already is. Meaning that cities such as New York, London or Sydney, even countries including Holland and Bangladesh could be completely submerged. Now if that doesn’t scare you but an itsy bitsy spider does, then sorry pal but take a hike and leave my blog, okay?


The last decade has seen over 140 ft of snow and ice melt in Greenland. To put that into perspective imagine 10 double –decker chocolate bars. Sorry no I mean buses, (but that’s some good chocolate right there) piled on top of each other. Now that is a lot of ice!

And one other thing to boggle your mind, if that hasn’t already happened. Is that over the past 10 years there has been more ice melt than in the 100 years before that. Still think it’s not ‘our’ fault?

Try thinking again.

There are many causes of global warming rather than one single cause. Such as the emissions that come from transport. The gases emitted by cars, buses, lorries and planes to name a few, go into the atmosphere creating too much gas for the earth to remove by itself, meaning they act as a blanket around the earth and increase global warming. Deforestation; the techniques used to chop trees down, releases CO2 causing more gas building up in the atmosphere and photosynthesis is also reduced by the number of trees chopped down meaning CO2 increases and I already told you what happens there.  The energy consumption (ie watching tv, me typing this, using the oven and anything where you switch on a switch) is responsible for 25.9% of global warming, more than a quarter of the heating of the planet. I already mentioned industrialisation but fumes and gases pumped out of factories enter the Earth’s atmosphere and cause a bigger built up of gases.  So you can see here that global warming is not down to one single person or cause and these are simple a few of the causes. Although at the time when you’re doing one of these it doesn’t seem like it’s that bad – now I’m not trying to say you have to walk everywhere or live in a metaphorical Antarctic – but they are all going to have some sort of knock on effect. This is evident as I look out the window.

In winter, there is snow, and summer, there is sun. Yet is this true of today’s climate? There was no summer here in Scotland, it rained pretty much the whole time (don’t even try to blame that on ‘good old British weather’). Then we had a crazy heatwave. Winter came and we saw blizzards that lasted half a week. Followed by torrential flooding, you couldn’t get anywhere and villages were being evacuated. At least here we have means of dealing with it. Bangladesh on the other hand; despite monsoons being part of their natural climate, there are extensive flash floods with 80% of the country now prone to them. Tropical cyclones have increased in recent years and the costal belt along the Bay of Bengal has experienced Salinity intrusion (the movement of salt water into fresh water – contaminating drinking water) draughts are also a more common occurrence due to increasingly high temperatures. Agriculture is now being affected too, meaning less money is made and therefore the economy suffers as well as food shortages, affecting the people. This results in a constant cycle of a nation being destroyed by global warming.

And who’s to say yours won’t be next.

There is much to be learned from instances such as this. Bangladesh isn’t exactly the biggest culprit when it comes to the causes of climate change, so why are they being made to suffer, well to be perfectly honest who knows? But that’s a nightmare and another blog post in itself.

So what have we learned from this rant?

(apart from the fact I like to use rhetorical questions)

Well if you were really that ignorant, climate change is an actual issue that mankind needs to deal with, however we cannot be completely faulted.

The climate conference in Paris last year was a gathering of the UN countries coming together and working out the measures for what needs to be done, regarding climate change;

“World leaders hammered out an agreement aimed at stabilizing the climate and avoiding the worst impacts of climate change.”

The UN is taking a stand and addressing that there are real issues and threats associated with global warming and now that so many countries are signing up, we might actually get somewhere.

People are beginning to realise that it’s our planet we are going to ruin, we are going to kill our future. The planet will carry on until the sun no longer exists and maybe even thereafter . But the way we are going, the humans will kill every living thing on earth, including ourselves. Then what?

You want to end up fat and without purpose?

Yeah we all saw Wall-e….


As we come to a close, enjoy your day and hope to see you again soon.

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