2015 In Review – My Way

So 2015 is over and 2016 is tomorrow, well isn’t that exciting?

A look back on my personal tracks of the year I believe is in order, and without further ado please enjoy.

Waiting for love- Avicii

Party tune of the summer I would say.

I’m not the only one – Sam Smith

Quite fitting, for the lesser enjoyable part of the year.

Wanted – Hunter Hayes

Aw c’mon now, gotta love a good bit of country, it’s only the beginning.

High By The Beach – Lana Del Ray

Listened to this song on the way to all the university open days

My Gun – Tove Lo

Let’s be honest it’s just a pretty kick ass song.

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Who didn’t love this song?

Polaroid – Imagine dragons

Best. Concert. Ever.

Blind Man In Amsterdam – George Ezra

Cutest. Song. Ever.

It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy

Our whole school had a major 90s throwback phase. Im going to leave it at that.

Stole the show – Kygo

Aw damn this is my jam.

Downtown- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

dooooooooooowntooooooown. All that needs to be said.

Benny and the Jets

Its like my all-time favourite song.

Pristine – Mantaraybryn

I still have no idea how to say it.

Harlem – New Politics

this one is also good.

No Digity – Tim Whybrow

It’s like 90s hip-hop mixed with alternative, what’s not to love?

Americas Sweetheart – Elle King

So much love for this girl.

Sorry – Justin Bieber

Ooh c’mon literally everyone liked this song, emphasis on the liked.

Slow dancin’ – Two Worlds

just listen, that’s all.

Take Heart – The Sam Willows

It’s an Asian band, but country. wonders seize to amaze.

2 Heads – Coleman Hell

I can never decide which is, the song and which is, the artist.


So my 2015 through songs, hope you enjoyed the year and here’s the best for what’s ahead.

For full playlist – look me up on Spotify (Hannah Scott)



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