Pythagoras: a life skill or not?

I had recently watched a documentary on BBC3 that discussed sexual assault. Where a group of young people had to decide if a young man had been guilty of rape. And there has also been the case that struck a debate, when a university student posted on social media:



This was in hindsight of being asked to take part in a sexual consent workshop.

This then got me thinking… are we really taught what matters? Or are we taught to be like everyone else? Behave in a certain way? Have certain morals?

In school we are taught many things, we spend up to twenty years in education, so why are so many people clueless when they leave?

Me, personally, I aspire to be a journalist.

Not anything to do with maths. Yes I need to know how to add, subtract, work out taxes, see if I should pay for something up front or pay in instalments.

But surely I don’t need to be taught A2 + B2=C2 : the Pythagoras theorem. Yet I still remember that. And had to do multiple tests and exams to prove I knew what it was. Not that I ever did (know what it was) but hey ho.

Despite this, my days off school, are spent watching Martin Lewis (the money guy from ‘This Morning’) telling me to look on price comparison websites and which bank to put my non-existent savings in.  Because school curriculum fails to teach me such things.

From a young age we all thought the opposite sex’s genitals are funny, I mean I’m 18 years old and saying ‘willy’ still makes me laugh. I’m not doing that on purpose but for some reason I read it and have a wee giggle. Perhaps this is where our lack of understanding for each other’s personal… ‘area’ comes from. As a child it will always be funny to talk about genitals; there is however a lack of seriousness surrounding the whole idea. Perhaps the fact that as children, the one who dared say it, was funny and cool. Everyone wanted to be the daring person who would get told off by the teacher and make the whole class laugh, but now they are the one taking the mick out of the new kid, the one with who picks on people for being different. The one breaking hearts… Another disposition that has become normalised by modern day society. Because when you’re going through a breakup, your heart shatters and becomes hopelessly useless, but yet I am told I have to face many more (heartbreaks) until I find ‘the one’. And even then, there is a 50% chance of getting a divorce.

Despite the guy who took to social media to say he is not being a rapist, I wonder how much he does know about sexual consent? I wonder how much I know myself? It’s only recently that we had a talk on sexual consent. Yet if you asked me what the guy told us, I would have no idea…

Perhaps it was because the word penetration and anus were used. Automatically every person in the class found it funny. Yet I knew for a fact there at least one person was in the class sitting there not laughing, but terrified because the very thing that ruined their life was now being made a mockery of. A dear friend of mine, had to endure a lesson of not only someone going over how sexually violated they had been. yet whilst going through this hell, someone next to them thought it was a stand-up act.

Moreover at the end of the day we all know what’s going to give us the answers, what’s going to influence the questions?


Every single thing in our consumerism society is fuelled with the want for more money, to do something more. You never hear someone say oh I want to do that but I don’t care about the money.


“I have a dream”

Martian Luther King Jr, had one. I have one, my parents have, my friends, my teachers, my neighbours. Everyone. No person is born without something they want to achieve, to become. These then change as they become reality or unrealistic.

Yet nobody teaches us; follow your dreams.

Well strictly speaking that’s not true, singers, authors, people worth our admiration do.

Yet there are always those people who tell us; be realistic.

Just today someone said they applied to do Gaelic at university and they were then asked; how useful is that going to be. See the worst part is, the person who questioned their choice wasn’t old, they haven’t experienced life yet. They’re 18 years old. We’ve barely lived yet we are already limiting ourselves.

Surely we should be teaching young people to aspire to something bigger than anything around them, not just settle for the money.

If someone said to me, you look lovely, I like your hair or y’know what you butt looks good in that. I would automatically dismiss the compliment, because to agree would be vain, would be cocky because really you don’t even look that great. You’re not allowed to think this, for it would not be acceptable. The person is just saying it to seem nice and even if they do mean it, you can’t believe them, because nobody actually thinks like that any more.

But should we not be teaching people and especially the young to love themselves, as well as others?

Working in a supermarket you get used to looks of disgust and disappointment, I’ve had people ask me if it was just a Saturday job, hoping that that wasn’t all I was going to become (their opinion, not mine) because people would then assume that you’re a waster, that you flunked out of school, even I thought that, before I realised people have stories as to why they are where they are. But people try & sometimes things don’t work out & every so often it doesn’t turn out great and they have to make do with what’s in front of them. There’s turns in the road, yet some people believe they are within every right to look down on those people making something of themselves, but hey at least they are actually earning their keep, making a contribution to society. I’m not in any way saying that my colleagues most of which I consider good friends are anything but wonderful people who are some of the craziest most fab, hardworking people I’ve ever met.


‘If he agrees by choice, and has the freedom and capacity to make that choice’.

A drunken night.

Some flirting.

Maybe she wants something.

But then again she never said yes.

And bam….

there you go. 6-19 years in prison and labelled a sex offender for the rest of your life.  (depending on severity etc).  Sexual consent is never something people want to discuss obviously because of the negative connotations surrounding the issue as a whole. Yet it goes hand in hand with sexual education. However it remains that we all just need to suck it up (for lack of better phrase) and simply learn what is to be taught. This way we can all get on a lot better. And save a few from being physically and mentally scared and futures ruined.


So in the end I hope you all had a philosophical thought due to this, and as usual I mean no offence or harm from anything I say, as I live in a free country I’m able to say what I like, just like you.


I urge you to.





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