One day

Dear Mum & Dad


Two people 

One day.

Many watched as you said ‘I do’

But how many of those many looked forward?
Now there’s four people (and a dog)

Did they see this?

Did you see this?

A family, thats what we are now, thats what we will always be.

A family with two parents and two children.

These two children with big dreams who won’t stop at anything to achieve those dreams.

But these children wouldn’t have those dreams if it weren’t for the two at the beginning.

The two who wouldn’t let them give up.

These two children have barely begun their lifes, with many different paths to follow.

Yet you two will always keep them going.

Through all the wrong turns;

The broken limbs

The broken hearts

The broken dreams.

But despite these things; These two children, everything they strive for, everything they achieve, all comes down to one thing.

The two people

That became one, when they said:

‘I do’

On that one day.


So it’s my parents anniversary andI’m  saying thanks for everything the best way I know how to.

Well will you look at that ryhming.


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