It’s ever so close

With only 43 days left to the adventure of a lifetime its all drawing ever nearer, ive practiced packing my rucksuck, come to terms that i

The team
The team

will only have 3 pairs of pants the whole 3 weeks (we can wash them) and can only imagine the wonders that i am sure to see whilst in Zambia.

The trip is sure to one i will never forget, with some amazing people the memories will sure to be plentiful.

My friend (morven) and I, as rainbow leaders we have the honour of taking our beloved rainbow toy – olivia to share the adventures with and quite honetly i cannot wait.

I cant wait for the memories that are sure to stay with me forever, the friends that will last a life time, the smells permantly wedged into my nose, and the tastes that i might taste as long as i live (albeit good or bad) what will remain though is the ever lasting feeling of acomplishment that is sure to follow after my expedition.

The acomplishment of paying for the trip and not relying on my parents, the knowing that i have gotten myself here and my teammates helped me as i helped them. Knowing we got each other through this and (hopefully) back home, to share with those dear to us what we have exprienced.

As i sit here i see the hills and the trees; the occasional dog walker now and then, but i cant help imagining what it will be like when i can see… Well i dont know what i will see.


but i know as i am sitting with my teamates somewhere in Zambia (attempting) to cook over a trangea that what i see will stay with me, until the day i die.


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