Alford academy’s Expedition to Zambia and Botswana

As a member of the new team going to Zambia and Botswana – I cannot wait to step foot on the sandy roads of Livingstone and begin, most likely one of the greatest adventures of my life.
As we first arrive in Livingstone (the capital of Zambia) We head out to a remote village – in transport we must organise ourselves – once we arrive we get straight to work in building new huts for those who’s homes are now uninhabitable, many of these are for orphans (due to aids) being looked after by the elders of the tribe, we will be living alongside the tribe, trying out the local food and seeing the culture of the tribe.

We are aiming to create a more stable and safer future for these children so that they can escape poverty and help their country advance economically.
After the tough but rewarding build of our houses we head out on a four-day trek through bakoto gorge , the trek takes along tough terrain, with bouldery landscapes (nothing we can’t handle of course). And we end our trek back in Livingstone.
The final part of our expedition is a safari, in the Chobe national park – where we will experience the diverse environment and get to see Africa’s largest population of elephants.
Hopefully the whole experience will give us a wider range of opportunities in life and teach us important lessons that will aid us in our adult life.

Upcoming events:

6th December – bag packing

‌13th November – quiz night (Haughton hotel)


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